The Craft of Beer Selection

groom trends logoLadies, grab your man and sit him down in front of the computer because this one’s for him.  You’ve got your dress, the invitations, and the cake all planned out perfectly, but how about turning over the “good stuff” to your groom?!  Okay, guys, let’s talk about beer.  (Yeh, you can go grab one first.)

With only a couple of beer-fests under my belt, I’m still a novice myself, but I know what I like and chances are you do too.  Picking out the right beverages for your reception, however, will take a little more thought than grabbing your typical go-to brew before the big game.

What to ask yourself:

  • craft beer wedding beverageWhat is my favorite beer?  If you lean toward hoppy or heavy beers (which are indeed tasty), you might want to also provide a lighter option for those that just want a cold, refreshing pint.
  • Are there any local breweries in my area?  Chances are that you can pick up growlers or kegs of crafted beer for less than you might spend on other domestics/imports.  This is an environmentally friendly option for several reasons: products that travel shorter distances leave a smaller carbon footprint, kegs create less waste than bottles, and supporting a local business supports the local economy.  (Even if you aren’t into the “green” thing, it’ll surely score you some brownie points with your bride.)
  • What other drinks are we serving at the reception?  Depending on wines and liquors being served, you may want to minimize or amp up your beer selection.

The season, time of day, formality of your event, and the menu may also impact your decision on what beers to serve guests.  Craft Beer is a great resource for learning more about styles, flavors, content, and pairings.  Check out this nifty Beer and Food Pairing Chart (partially shown below) provided by Brewers Association.

beer and food pairing chart

If you’re not already a pro, you can even sign up for the Beer 101 course on Craft Beer’s site.  You’ll earn a certificate and the knowledge to impress your buddies, as well as your bride.

Now that you’re loaded with the tools to make perfect beer selections for your wedding day, rally your groomsmen for a good ol’ fashioned beer tasting and put your best glass forward.

Image: Glasses of various ales (

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