Forever Bouquets

Have you ever thought of carrying a brooch bouquet down the aisle?  What about toting around a button bouquet?  Ribbons, brooches, buttons, papers, and beads are just a few of the things making up today’s unique bridal bouquets.

Forever Bouquets Inspiration Board

Just think how awesome it would be to be able to incorporate your grandmother’s favorite brooch and your mother’s wedding day earrings in your bouquet and then be able to pass that same bouquet down to your daughter on her wedding day.

Although I don’t think that live flowers will ever be (or can be) replaced, these everlasting works of art are definitely worthy of a trip down the aisle.

Want to see more?  Check out my board on Pinterest.

Images: (From top left corner) Micro Wedding Brooch Bouquet, Paper Bouquet, Felt and Button Toss Bouquet, Blue Paper Bouquet, Purple Satin and Button Bouquet, Crystal Bouquet, Black and White Bouquet, Blue Paper Hydrangeas, Bouquet with Ladybug, Close up of Colorful Bouquet

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4 thoughts on “Forever Bouquets

  1. Kimberly Taft

    This is such an interesting idea, Monica! The blue one in the top left corner is probably my favorite. It’s such a vibrant color!

  2. Kristin D Strickland

    Ooh, I really like the metallic one to the left — though I like the bright ones too, this one is so pretty!

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