The Wonder of Watercolor

One trend we’re loving here at The Green Kangaroo is the use of watercolor in various wedding elements! And of course the most essential application for this delicate, artsy theme is on the save the date, invitation and other wedding stationery.

Examples of watercolor wedding stationery

There are so many letter-pressed, hand-painted and DIY options out there, but they can be quite pricy or time-consuming and frustrating if you’re doing them yourself. Luckily, we’ve added a Watercolor design of our own to the TGK Collection!

Some items from TGK's Watercolor suite

Skip the mess (and the cursing) — just choose from our wide array of inks and fonts to create your own watercolor wedding masterpieces.

In case you missed it a few weeks ago, you should check out Kristin’s March post on watercolor wedding details for more inspiration. And see my Pinterest board for more photos.

Images: top-left, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right, center

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