Unity Candle or Sand Ceremony?

After the bride and groom have exchanged their wedding vows, a majority of the couples then proceed with the lighting of the Unity Candle.  This has been a tradition for several years and symbolizes the two becoming one.  The bride and groom each take a pre-lit taper candle and then light a larger candle, extinguishing the taper candles. This a beautiful part of any wedding ceremony.

Lately, a unique and new way of symbolizing unity has emerged called the Sand Ceremony.  It is believed to have originated in the west coast in the late 1990s.  A couple planning on having a beach ceremony wanted to have a Unity Candle but feared the flames would be blown by the wind.  Instead, the bride collected sand from the beach near her home and the groom did as well.  Each sand collection was put into two crystal vases (or bottles).  At the ceremony, the two vases were set on the altar on either side of an empty crystal jar.  After the couple exchanged vows, the minister then explained to the congregation the symbolism of the two different sands combining together to become united as one.

Even if you do not live near the beach, there may be a place you played as a child that has a sand box or perhaps a place you may have spent summer vacations or a garden you spent time with a loved one in.  Use your imagination; the Sand Ceremony will bring a unique element to your wedding and will surely be implemented by countless brides for years to come.

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