Unique Wedding Invitations Can Be Yours

You’ve always been the type to have your own unique style, so why should your wedding invitations be any different? Whether your wedding falls during the high season and you want to make sure your invite stands out, or you’re just a unique sort of snowflake chafing at the bonds of formality, you can easily put together the unique wedding invitations of your dreams!

Break out of the boundaries of soft pastels or too-traditional white. Color is just what you need to make your wedding invitations stand out! Bright forest greens show the nature girl in you, while saucy reds are perfect for more daring couples. And you need not go all out, if it’s not in you & if you’re going for a brightly colored invitation, you can counterbalance it with a traditional white envelope, or vice versa.

Embellishments add that little something extra. For simple beauty, the answer is ribbon accents. You have plenty of options for elegant ribbons, from sheer organdy to smooth, pretty double-faced satin. Less formal invitations can use youthful grosgrain or skinny capriccio ribbons. For a little extra kick, try metallic silver or gold ribbons to really catch attention.

Are you the more nature-oriented type? Add in a flower or two! Pressed dried flowers are great for making a nature-friendly statement. Skip the multi-colored daisies in favor of pressed aspen leaves or lobelias. Wild larkspurs look lovely too, with their imperfect petals, and pressed violas, while standard for your front yard, aren’t necessarily so for wedding invitations.

Why not go all out? With all the options you have for your wedding invitations, you have the freedom to create something truly different. Try red invitations with gold organdy ribbons and pressed red roses, or striped invitations with color-coordinating twinkle ribbon. Add checked taffeta ribbons to standard solid-color invitations for an extra kick. It’s easy to make your invitations stand out & now, all you need is a stand-out wedding to match!