Unique Groomsmen Gifts

Guys, you’re tough to buy for… even when it’s another guy doing the buying.  My groom was in this what-to-get-my-groomsmen predicament a few weeks ago and we had a few conversations about what would be cool, useful, and also thoughtful.  It’s a hard call to make because often there’s also a budget issue and gadgety neat gifts are nice, but they may leave your wallet empty.  We ultimately found an Etsy artist who forged and personalized key chain bottle openers; Matt put together a gift bag of craft beer, a bottle opener, and a neck tie (one to wear in the wedding) for each of his guys.

If you’re in the what-do-I-get-my-guys boat, you’re in luck!  Below I’ve rounded up a few other unique gift ideas for groomsmen…

groomsmen gift: boxed drinks and recipes

What a clever idea this is!  Do-it-yourself boxes of custom drinks and recipes for each fella.

Ha!  These monogrammed & mustache-d shaving kits will get a chuckle and lots of use.

groomsmen gift: bocce set

Perfect for the summertime, a Bocce set makes a great gift for the guys.

groomsmen gift: engraved pocket watch

Classic with an edge, these personalized Midnight pocket watches are functional and cool.

groomsmen gift: masculine catchall

Paired with a tie clip or cufflinks, a masculine catchall is a great gift to keep your guys tidy.

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