Travels: Florida’s Springs

As a child, a good portion of my time was spent splashing around in the clear water springs of Florida.  Lately, I’ve been recalling those adventures of swimming alongside manatees in gorgeous mystic waters.  I even suggested a road trip honeymoon to my fiance to go down and tour some of Florida’s amazing natural parks.  Whether for a honeymoon, a wedding, or a stunning photo shoot, the springs are a wonderful retreat with much beauty to enjoy.

travels inspiration board - florida springs

Travel tip: Do your research when planning your getaway.  Headed to the springs and want to see manatees?  The Florida State Parks website shares information on the best time to see them, along with festival dates, and more.  No matter where you’re headed, there are great resources available to help you make the most of your trip!

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Images: Stunning Underwater Bridal Photo by Anwen Elizabeth Photography (taken at Blue Springs — I used to love going there!), Anthropologie Wide World Necklace, Anthropologie Soda-Lime Punch Mug, “Dancing Shoes” Flip-Flops, Manatee, Navy Bridesmaid Dresses, Mermaid Inspired Vera Wang Gown

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