Travels: Easter Island

Founded on Easter Sunday in 1722 by Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen, this remote island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean was dubbed “Easter Island.”  The history of the island (Polynesian name: Rapa Nui) is rather captivating and, along with its primitive beauty, is a huge draw for tourists.

easter island travels inspiration board

Travel Tip: Introduce elements of the landscape into your wedding day style.  Pulling inspiration from the rock carved Moai of Easter Island, we’ve gathered decor ideas chiseled from stone and slate for a rugged, but tasteful look.

Images: Moai along the shore of Easter Island, Commemorative wedding carved stone, Slate colored favors via Martha Stewart, Anakena Beach, Raw Aqua Apatite earrings by AstralEYE, One-shoulder gray dress, Aqua swirl heels, Raw Peridot ring by Lilly Barack, BHLDN Slate Heart Placeholders, Bride on the beach (photo taken in Hawaii — the two islands actually have a bit in common)


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