Tips when Shopping for your Wedding Dress – part 1

Your wedding dress will be one of the most important purchases for your wedding. You will want to choose a dress that you will remember fondly the rest of your life. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you go shopping for your wedding dress.

Do Your Homework
Before you ever “go” shopping, study wedding gowns in bridal magazines. Many current designers have web sites where you can view their dresses online. Create a binder with magazine clippings and pictures printed off the Internet of dresses, or features, that appeal to you. Try to choose as many different styles as you can, because you won’t know for sure how each style will look on you until you try on the dress. Another important pre-shopping exercise is to see if there are any bridal shows planned in your area. If there are, plan to attend. Most will have a fashion show featuring the latest bridal fashions. Be sure to bring your camera to get pictures for your binder!

Once you do begin going to different bridal salons to try on gowns, don’t forget to bring your binder to give them a better visualization of what types of wedding dresses you are interested in.

Do You Have Restrictions?
Meet with your ceremony officiant to be certain that there are no religious restrictions on the gown you must wear. Some faiths require that the neckline be a certain height or the sleeves be a certain length.

Know What Looks Best
Select a gown that is appropriate for the season you will be getting married in. You don’t want to wear a brocade dress for your July wedding! You should also choose a dress that you will feel comfortable wearing, looks attractive on you, and is flattering to your body type.

Shop Early
You should start shopping for your wedding dress soon after you have set a date for the wedding. Most bridal shops recommend that you order your dress six months in advance and if you are planning on purchasing a designer gown, you may be required to purchase eight months in advance.

Never Shop Alone!!!
When you go shopping, ask your mom or maid of honor to go with you. When trying on dresses, you will need their thoughts and opinions on how you look. Have them watch how the dress moves when you walk and how it looks from the back. Remember, most of your guests will see more of you from the back than any other vantage point.

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