Tips on Cheap Wedding Favors

It seems these days that people go to weddings expecting to get some kind of wedding favor.  Wedding favors can range from the little bottles of bubbles to candy, matches, magnets, memo pads and candles.  The problem then becomes buying enough favors for all of the guests and still remaining within your budget.  Here are five tips to help you do just that.

  1. Do not be afraid to shop the clearance racks.  You can find a lot of great items if you hit the sales and clearances.  You may have to do a little improvising.  Everything might not match perfectly, but if you are ok with that, then your guests will be too.
  2. Buy in bulk.  There are several places that sell wedding favors in large quantities.  If your wedding is fairly large, this may be the way to go.  You can sometimes get a discount if your order is extremely large.
  3. Make your own favors.  If you have the time and the talent, this might be the best option.  You can control the cost of the materials and the overall project better this way than if you were to just buy the favors in the store.  This also makes the favors a little more personal.  Your guests will really enjoy the fact that you put the time and effort into making the favors yourself.
  4. Skip the favors all together.  If you budget is really tight, do not worry about the favors.  No guest is going to be that upset that they did not get a favor.  If it comes down to cutting the guests list or having favors, by all means cut the favors.  Sharing the big day with all of your friends and family is more important than what kind of wedding favor they get.
  5. Buy a little at a time.  If you have a lot of time before your wedding, you may consider buying the favors not in bulk, but a few at a time.  If you want to do bubbles and candy, you might buy the bubbles all at once, then the bags for the candy, then the candy itself.  Space it out a little bit to prevent paying a lot all at once.

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