Tips for Saving Money on Invitations

Most of us try to plan our wedding with some sort of budget in mind.  Here are a few tips to help you save some money on your wedding invitations and help you stay within your budget.

Shop around for your invitations.  Do not just buy them from the first bridal catalog you get.  You would be surprised at how many places carry invitations now.  You can get them printed from several different websites and mail order catalogs.  You can also buy kits to print them yourself from office supply stores, discount stores and warehouse stores.  You can even get them from the same place you get the dress and tuxedo.

Different printing techniques can also affect the price.  Engraving is a beautiful look to go with, but it can be expensive.  You might want to think about thermography or raised ink, which is less expensive.  Then there is always laser printing, which is probably the least expensive alternative.  But it is flat ink, similar to what you print on your home printer.  Choosing the printing technique is merely personal preference and really depends on your budget and how formal your wedding will be.

Other ways to help keep the cost down is to avoid some of the extras.  Jackets, bows, reception cards and lined envelopes are all extra things that add a nice touch to your invitation, but also add expense.  If you are really trying to stick to a budget, you might think about eliminating some of these extras.  Most people will not even notice that they are not there.  If you choose not to have a reception card, you can have the reception information printed on the invitations.

Another way to save money is to purchase a standard size invitation.  The bigger and heavier the invitations, the more expensive they are to mail.  Odd shaped invitations also cost more to mail.  Instead of buying the reception cards and registration cards, you might print them yourself.  You would still have them in the invitation, but they would be on a lighter weight paper, so the postage would be less.  The post office will charge additional postage if the envelope contains something that causes the surface to be uneven or contains very rigid items like wood or metal.

One final way to save money is to proof read the order before it is submitted.  Most companies charge for a proof of the order.  They also have charges if the order has to be changed once it is submitted.  The fees might not be very much individually, but having several can cause the expense to rise.

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