Throwing a Movie Night Party

There is always an excuse to be found to invite family and friends to gather.  When birthdays and holidays aren’t coming often enough, try throwing a movie night.

Choose a Subject

It can be a movie, a movie series, a TV show premiere or an awards show.  Choose what you will be watching so other elements of the party can be chosen around that theme. Have people dress for the red carpet for an awards night dinner and have a contest guessing the winners or have everyone dress for a night at the movies.

Set the Mood With Fun Invitations

Select classy folio invitations inviting guests to a premiere party, create mini movie posters or choose invitations that fit the theme of the movie.

Serve More Than Popcorn

Serve food that goes with the mood of the movie.  Serve pasta dishes for an old mobster movie. Serve pizza for stand-up comedy. Choose the first foods you think of when thinking about the movie.  Serve meals before the meal or between movies in a series.  Finger foods and snacks can be left on a buffet all night if properly covered and kept at the right temperatures.

Do a Raffle or Door Prizes

Let guests play trivia for entries into a raffle for a movie night basket prize.  It can contain a copy of the movie, a gift card to a theater and other items related to the theme.

Make Everyone Comfortable

Be sure that everyone has a comfortable seat where they can see the movie and that the screen is a size that allows everyone to see the movie comfortably from where they are seated.

A movie night is a great reason to get together whether it be a casual pizza and popcorn affair or an all-out formal gala.

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