The Very Best Sushi-Inspired Wedding Invitations

It’s classy, it’s delicious, it’s trendy – who doesn’t love sushi? Not only is it tasty, it’s delightful to look at. If you’ve found yourself gripped with sushi fever, you may be considering something as mad as a catered wedding meal of sushi for your guests. But why not simply incorporate the look of sushi into your wedding events and wedding invitations instead?

You may not get your sushi-themed wedding, but a bridal shower is the perfect vehicle to deliver your chic taste to your best girls. See that your maid of honor organizes a fabulous spread worthy of the best Japanese restaurants, even if you’re working on a supermarket sushi budget. Now just get your girls in the seats with cute Sushi Party Invitations (no longer available).

If you’re truly hardcore about your sushi, let your favorite nigiri toro inspire the look of your wedding invitations with simple two layer invites. A top layer of salmon pink and a backing layer of white neatly replicates the look of sliced raw tuna and rice. Print the lettering in metallic black ink for look reminiscent of soy sauce sprinkled over a delicious Japanese meal and voila, fabulous sushi-inspired wedding invitations!