The Very Best Save the Date Magnets

I can’t tell you how many requests we receive for Save-the-Date Magnets. We do paper really, really well, but magnets… they just aren’t our thing.

Out of the blue, I received a call from Jeff Jessee, co-owner of A Giftful Heart.   Jeff believes that his company produces the very best save-the-date magnets your money can buy.  He was looking for a unique wedding invitation company to which he can refer his clients. As it turns out, A Giftful Heart does magnets really really well, but paper just isn’t their thing.  How fitting!

 Jeff is passionate and inspired about his business and his personal life.  During our conversation, he kept coming back to the importance of people, relationships, and family.  A Giftful Heart is run by Jeff, his sister, his brother, and his mother.  They work hard and have a lot of fun – the spice of life, right?  This family-run business makes everything by hand, allowing them to carefully craft and inspect every magnet for the customers they care so deeply about.  That kind of dedication is rare and truly elevates the quality and value of the unique save the date magnets made by A Giftful Heart.

Save-the-Date Magnets are a fun and functional way to announce your wedding and showcase your engagement photos.  I particularly like the Urban Calendar Collage design (pictured left) that cleverly works in a calendar snapshot of the wedding date.

Tip:  be sure to include your first AND last names on your Save the Date.  We get a lot of feedback from frustrated parents (of the bride and groom) who say their personal friends & invited guests won’t always recognize the engaged couple by their first names alone.

Jeff is working to build relationships with like-minded people and businesses that put their heart and soul into their organization’s integrity, code of ethics, and product quality.  I am completely honored that he chose to contact The Green Kangaroo based on that criteria!  We are looking forward to exploring ways that we can work with A Giftful Heart in the future.  For now, if you’re looking for a modern, unique save-the-date magnet, we proudly recommend the products from A Giftful Heart!


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