The Most Missed Details of Planning a Wedding

Many brides (and some grooms!) make checklists to be sure they will remember everything for their wedding.  Cake? Check! Shoes? Check! No matter how good this list may be, many brides still wind up forgetting something or there is a lapse in communication and something is left behind. Here are some of the most commonly missed details.  Be sure to take extra care to remember them when planning your wedding and getting ready on the big day.

The Guest Book A guest book is a beautiful memento for the bride and groom.  An attendant or family member can be charged with bringing the guest book and making sure it gets back to the newlyweds after the day is done.

Escort Cards – A lot of time goes into arranging seating and making those cards! They aren’t much use if they aren’t there when you need them!

Plans for the Children – If there are children at the wedding, they will need entertainment.  Just a few coloring books and party favors can go a long way toward allowing guests who are parents to enjoy themselves.

The Marriage License – This is probably the one thing you actually need to get married! Somehow many couples forget to bring it to the ceremony.

Decorating Details – Many couples forget about decorations for venue entrances, the bar area and the dessert area. If the couple is setting up the venue they may not realize the DJ’s table isn’t near any electrical outlets.  The venue may need added lighting for photography if it isn’t normally used as a wedding venue. The best way to solve this is to do a mental walk through of the day for each vendor and for each area.  Make sure the vendors can do your jobs and every section of the venue has what it needs to fulfill its purpose.

Shoes – Many brides leave the house in comfortable shoes and plan to put on their heels at the last minute.  This is a great plan but only if the shoes are at the wedding.

The Rings – Yes, this happens.

Programs This is another item that may not be absolutely needed, but a lot of time probably went into them. If your guests aren’t familiar with your ceremony venue the programs can be a very nice convenience.

Accessories for the Groom – Make sure someone has extra cufflinks, dress socks and other accessories for the groom at the location where he is getting ready.

It is really easy to forget something on the day of the wedding.  There is a lot to remember after all. Be prepared and if something is forgotten, smile and enjoy the day anyway!