The Latest Color Combinations for Your Wedding Invitations

With MyGatsby’s selection of Custom Mix ‘n Match wedding invitations, you might find yourself overwhelmed with choices. Not only do you have to choose the best shape for your wedding invitations, you have to choose the perfect color combination, too! If you’re eschewing traditional white, but not sure what colors you do want to use, take a look at these suggestions and see what inspires you!

Red and taupe: Great if you’d like to keep a neutral palette while still adding a spark, this color combination can be done nicely on two layer wedding invitations like this one, with a taupe background and red text.

Blue on blue: We love the subdued visual pop of a lighter background with dark ink. These are great if your wedding has a single color theme that you want to extend to your wedding invitations.

Black and pink: This classic combo isn’t often seen on wedding invitations, but we think it’s time to change that. Great for a fun black tie wedding theme.

Olive green and chocolate brown: It may not sound like a tasty combination, but the look is surprisingly fresh! These work well as an alternative to traditionally neutral shades for your wedding invitations.

Pale blue and bright red: A sky blue background really makes bright red stand out on these wedding invitations. We love the idea of extending this color theme to your wedding with an outdoor ceremony festooned with red roses contrasting with the blue sky.

Still not convinced of any of these color combinations? With MyGatsby’s large selection of different colors for your wedding invitations, you’re not limited for choice! Whether your tastes run toward classic ecru or brilliant orange, you’ll be able to find the shade for you.

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