The Infinite Variations on White Wedding Invitations

So you’ve decided on white wedding invitations. Or have you? Upon commencing your search, you may notice that white offers more choices than snow and cloud. In fact, there are a myriad of shades comprising the white color wheel, and wedding invitations are available in nearly every one of those shades! Explore the pale end of the color spectrum with these different variations on white.

Platinum: When you’re going with a color like platinum for your wedding invitations, you might want to keep the look otherwise subtle. The silvery shine of this shade lends itself well to invites like Anna Griffin’s Platinum Rose Foldover wedding invitations (no longer available).

Ecru: The classic ecru tone demands embellishment, so don’t be afraid to embrace accessorized cards like these Ecru Panel with Sheer Bow wedding invitations. The bow adds just the right level of interest without detracting from the announcement.

Cream: Add a little bit of sweetness with Anna Griffin Cream Vellum Wrap Square wedding invitations (no longer available). This warm shade works best with pretty botanical accents.

Pearl: Best when used as a border color to accent subtler shades, pearl adds a touch of glamorousness to any invitation. See these Pearl Flourish Wedding Invitations and witness how it’s done with gorgeous pearlescent swirls.

Ivory: Avoid the sometimes too-traditional look of ivory with fun Champagne Glass wedding invitations. Accented with saucy swirls of gold, they’ll bring a little bit of excitement to the proceedings.

Not quite overwhelmed with choices yet? Go custom with Cherry Blossom wedding invitations, available in a rainbow of colors from shades of white to metallics and linens in your choice of hues!

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