The Best Response Cards for Your Wedding Invitations

If you’re sending out your wedding invitations soon, you’ll probably have the same worry most engaged couples face when it’s time to announce the big day: how do you get your guests to RSVP? In today’s culture of information overload, it’s easy for things to slip through the cracks. Even though your wedding is top priority for you, it’s probably a distant event for most of your guests. For everyone’s sake, make it as easy as possible to RSVP by including response cards in with your wedding invitations.

Are you looking to make the process as convenient as you can for everybody? Response Postcards are probably your best bet. Each has spaces to simply check off your desired response, and you can even add in information about the meal selection so your guests can decide early on chicken or fish. For maximum ease, address and stamp each postcard, too – although you might want to take a break before doing so, especially if you’ve already addressed all of your wedding invitations to send out.

Response cards generally fit right in with your wedding invitations, so all you have to do is make sure you don’t forget to include them! Most wedding invitations offered by MyGatsby incorporate a ‘stacked’ enclosure system. Your response cards don’t have to exactly match your wedding invitations either, so if you want to go for a slightly different look, it’s easy.

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