Saying “Thank You”

We are considering having our thank you notes pre-printed with a wedding photo and a general thank-you to everyone. We would love to avoid writing hundreds of thank-you’s! Is this proper etiquette?  Also, how much time do we have to send them out after our wedding? — Jill in AZ

While using a pre-printed thank you note may be a seemingly irresistible idea, you may want to re-think it. Even in a society that revolves around technology, a hand-written thank you note remains the standard way of expressing gratitude for wedding gifts. Written notes allow you to personalize your words for each gift-giver, thank them for their specific gift and express true appreciativeness. A pre-printed generic note won’t allow your guests to feel truly acknowledged by you, which should be the goal of your thank you note.

If showing off your wedding photo is the goal, there is another option! Select a folded note card with a photo printed on the front. This option allows you room to write a personalized message on the inside of your card, giving you the best of both worlds. However, you will want to consider the timing and availability of your photos. If your photographer won’t have your photos ready for several months, you should consider going a different route. You may want to use a photo taken with your own camera, an engagement photo or a honeymoon shot. Either way, don’t delay sending your thank you notes simply to use a photo.

Ideally, you should begin writing and sending your thank you notes as soon as you start receiving gifts. This will allow you the freedom to spread out the number of notes that need written and prevent you from having a large number to send all at once. Set a goal for yourself. For example, do 5 a day until they are complete. Aim to have all of your thank you notes mailed out before your three month anniversary!

If you decide that the photo card route simply won’t work for you, consider using note cards that match your wedding stationery. This option will allow you to begin writing and sending thank-yous long before you say “I do.”


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