Summer Weddings

Everyone knows that summertime is one of the most popular times of the year for weddings.  It seems like every summer there is a wedding or two to attend. And the idea of a beautiful outdoor summer ceremony is a dream many brides hold in their hearts. But, this year, the summer sun is making a lot of traditional wedding plans hard to handle.

This summer has been a scorcher for most of the country, with record breaking heat, come a few worries for the couple who wishes to wed outdoors. While the guests may only need to worry what to wear, the bride and groom have a few more things to plan for.

For instance, when you think of weddings, typically one of the first things you think of is cake. Oh, wedding cake! There is just something about it that makes it that much better than ordinary cake. Is it the extra thick layers of butter-cream? The way the inside is almost as pretty as the outside or the layers of smooth and brightly colored fondant? Who knows!

 One thing we do know is that cake can get sticky, and all those things that make it beautiful, they can even melt. And let’s face it no matter how good it tastes, in the summer heat a thick slice of cake doesn’t sound as appealing. So what is the daring an outdoor bride to do this year?

Serve pie!

Cake might be a weddings sweet-heart but pie, is one of America’s biggest sweethearts. For your wedding this summer why not think about serving pie in lieu of cake?

With many different types to choose from it’s a great choice for the bride who can’t make up her mind. You could several different types of fruit filled pie and be sure to please everyone’s palette. Even order some sugar-free for those with a stricter diet. (They’ll be grateful we promise!)

Pie also doesn’t sit as heavy in the belly as a dense piece of cake. If you have nearby access to a refrigerator, why not serve it a la’ mode. With a scoop of ice cream or dollop of cold dairy topping?

The sun won’t just take its toll on your treats though. It can have an adverse effect on your guests as well. Think about supplying your guests with parasols? Sit several in galvanized tubs at the entrance of your ceremony area. Purchase them in your wedding colors and they can double as favors!

For the bride who wants go the extra d-i-y mile, you could paint the wedding date on them. (If you pass on this, we won’t tell)

Many brides choose to purchase wicker fans in bulk. These cute inexpensive fans will help your guests beat the heat and can double as favors. Tie some ribbon around the handle in your wedding colors and place them on each chair at the venue. Instant and stylish relief.

If you can, provide mini bottles of sunscreen at each seat. If that isn’t in your budget consider purchasing a couple of large bottles and put them near the guest book. Guests can take a dab or two as they come in. This is an especially great idea if you are having a child friendly wedding. While, providing sunscreen is not something you must do, it shows that you are willing to go the extra mile to make your guests comfortable.

Providing drinks prior to the ceremony is also another way to help your guests beat the heat prior to the ceremony. Not just alcoholic cocktails for your cocktail hour need to be provided. But, bottles of water, and or glass beverage dispensers filled with ice water and slices of fresh fruit.

The heat isn’t the only outdoor ceremony pest, bee stings have the possibility to occur when outdoors. Your chances could rise if your ceremony site is near a botanical garden. While bee stings are typically harmless, they are a bit painful and more yet, annoying. Ask your planner or your maid of honor, to keep a couple packages of some type of bee sting relief nearby just in case.

The above is to just serve as a few pieces of advice to help ease your mind pre-ceremony. Many brides minds tend to wander the closer they get to the ceremony. It’s almost like you inter this worry hyper-drive fretting over every possible “what-if” scenario.

While the likelihood of many of those “what-ifs” happening to you is very slim, we get it. There is absolutely no reason you cannot have a lovely, and comfortable outdoor ceremony this summer.

Simply, take a bit of our advice, a deep breath and get married!

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