Summer Wedding Flowers: Colorful Bouquets & Centerpieces

Blue or Purple Weddings

There are some lovely summer flowers in the blue to purple range. If you have chosen a blue palette for your summer wedding, you might choose delphiniums, blue or lavender hydrangeas, asters, English lavender, purple iris, purple scabiosa, or Monte Casino asters. Purple laetris, gladiolas and stalks of English lavender can contribute to dramatic tall arrangements, while bachelor buttons and forget-me-nots are lovely in smaller scale centerpieces.

For a semi-formal or casual garden wedding with a blue color scheme, fill painted white willow baskets with white and blue hydrangea, tuck in deep blue bachelor buttons and forget-me-nots, and a tie a blue and white bow around one side of the handle.

Red or Pink Weddings

If you’ve chosen a pink color scheme for your summer wedding, you will find an amazing variety of shades, from magenta to the softest of baby pinks. Among the pink flowers you may choose for your summer wedding are astilbe, Promgirl bachelor buttons, bleeding hearts, caranations, gladiola, hibiscus, freesia, Catlaya orchids and larkspur.

Have your heart set on roses? Some of the prettiest pink summer blooms are roses, and they come in many different shades of pink. Bridal pinks are often Floribunda roses, full and showy, in a warm, blush pink. Candia roses are a creamy white, with dark pink edges, making them ideal in a pink and white bouquet or centerpiece. Fragrant Cloud roses are a deep, rich salmon color that blends beautifully with yellow accent flowers.

Where to Find Summer Wedding Flowers

Regardless of what color scheme you choose for your wedding, the summer season invariably offers a bloom to match it. If your local florist doesn’t offer the specific type you are looking for, ask around. Your friends and family might be able to find a source for your perfect bloom and report back the name of the florist, nursery, or private grower you can approach. There’s also a lot of florists and greenhouses moving to the web to advertise. Running a quick search for the specific flower you’re after will likely result in a close florist in a neighboring town (or at least the state) that you can purchase your flowers from.

If you’ve given yourself enough time, you can save money by finding the green thumb in your family and asking them to care for the flowers in preparation for your wedding. Buy plants, assuming a lower than average number of blooms to be safe, and have your flowers grown. While the person you ask may be honored that you asked, keep in mind that caring for them may become a big job, depending on the size of your wedding. You should probably stop in on occasion to visit and offer any assistance you can give, from weeding to watering, etc. After all, it is your wedding that will benefit from the care.

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