Stir it Up: “G+T” Lollypop

stir it up: g+t lollypop

Gather supplies:

  • Gin
  • Tonic Water
  • Sturdy Sprigs of Rosemary

Mix it up:

  1. Mix gin and tonic of choice in a glass.
  2. Add lemon zest or a bit of lime if you prefer.
  3. Wrap a couple of rosemary sprigs together and submerge in cocktail.  *You may need to tie them down, so the rosemary stays put.
  4. Place in freezer until solid.
  5. Enjoy the day with your favorite new frozen treat!

roo rating 5 graphicPerhaps my British genes predispose me to enjoying the crisp, botanical taste of gin, or maybe it’s just the perfect combination of cold, tart ingredients that make the iconic Gin + Tonic my favorite cocktail.  Nonetheless, when I came across Wrightfood‘s ingenious idea of turning the classic “G+T” into a frozen pop, I immediately wanted to make a batch of my own (yes, a batch, not just one!).  The “G+T” Lollypop is the perfect accompaniment to a summer day, especially one spent enjoying the Olympics kicking off in London.  These would also go over well at a mid-summer backyard wedding reception… oh, how delighted your guests would be.  Cheers!

Spill it:  We’d love to hear how your “G+T” Lollypop turns out!  Or maybe you have a favorite signature drink already… please do share!

For other tempting recipes, head over to Pinterest!

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