Sticky Situations – Should we Place our Registry Information on the Invitations?

The general rule is never to mention your registry on any of the printed information you send with your invite.  No exceptions.  Some people may see it as a convenience but it really is quite rude.  You are inviting people as your guests to share in your special day and the host and hostess should never have the possibility of guests on their mind.  If you are registered that information is easy enough to pass through the grapevine and guests who want to know will be sure to ask someone or even ask you when they call to RSVP.  These days many couples have already set up house, are doing a destination wedding or have other reasons to request that guests not bring gifts.  Even negative statements such as “please no gifts” should not be included on the invitation.  This should also be spread by attendants and family members via word of mouth.  Have a family member who is insistent about getting you something?  Suggest they make a donation to your favorite charity in your name.

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