Some Wedding Thoughts – The Bachelorette Party

Whenever there is a wedding there almost always comes a bachelor party and bachelorette party, a tradition started in Europe that slowly grew and migrated to the United States. The bachelor and bachelorette parties are when the groom-to-be and bride-to-be get together with their friends and celebrate their last free night as a single man and woman. The newer version of the bachelorette party basically grew from the bachelor party. Men would go out and celebrate their last night of “freedom” in bars or in strip clubs while women spent their last night of “freedom” opening up gifts from their friends, mostly lingerie or fun little household items that would be useful in their new home. During the late 1990’s the bachelorette parties became more adventurous. The women were no longer sitting around opening gifts together; instead they wanted to celebrate their last night of “freedom” more like the men and headed to the bars themselves. Today there are several stores, themes, locations, ideas, and fun activities that women participate in to honor the bride-to-be on her last night of “freedom.” More recently the bachelorette party has become a fun night out with girlfriends and possibly more exciting than most bachelor parties.

The maid of honor is usually the individual responsible for planning a bachelorette party. Becoming a maid-of-honor is great, it’s comforting to know someone considers you that close to them that they want you to be such a huge part of their wedding, it literally is an honor. As the maid of honor you must also take with it the responsibilities, which include but are not limited to, planning the bachelorette party, being there for the bride on her special day, helping with arrangements, getting little things organized, picking up little odds and ends and so on and so forth. This title requires a lot of patience and energy but in the end, if the bride is happy, then your job is complete. However, if the maid-of-honor lives out of town, another bridesmaid may tackle the responsibility. Because the ultimate objective is to give the bride a fun and memorable night, you should make sure all factors in the party planning process are taken into consideration. Deciding what and how to proceed with such a task can be made easy if you follow the correct procedures.

Feel free to adjust the time frames according to your celebration style.

4 Months Before

  • Ask the bride what she wants (or doesn’t want) in terms of a party.
  • Establish her comfort levels.
  • Create the guest list
  • Request a list of the females in the wedding party since they will be involved in the bachelorette party plans. Depending on the type of event you want to organize, you may want to include both the bride and groom’s mothers. Consult the bride to see if she would like to invite anyone else.

Set the date

  • Shoot for a weekend night about one to two weeks before the wedding day. If it’s not a surprise for the bride, then you can include her in this decision, along with the girls in the wedding party. However, the bride should not be involved in any further decision making. Discuss potential dates with the bride and then with the rest of the wedding party. Discuss budget with the wedding party ahead of time when planning the bachelorette event. Everyone will be contributing, so make sure everyone is satisfied with what they will have to pay. Include all costs involved during the whole event, including travel, food and cover charges. Remember to divide up the bride’s portion between guests so that she doesn’t have to pay for anything.

Tailor the party to fit the personality of the bride-to-be

  • Consider a day at the spa or the beach, a concert, or dinner and a club as inclusive events. If the budget allows, then think about a night or two at a fancy resort that includes a spa treatment and expensive dinner. If you have enough people, ask the restaurant to create a set menu so that everyone knows the cost of the meal up front.

2 Months Before

  • Send out a casual “save the date” correspondence to see if there are any major conflicts among invitees. If you’re partying far away, include specific details.
  • Brainstorm possible game plans and party stunts with the maids
  • If the party will be at a hot spot or out of town make reservations, order tickets, and deal with lodging and bachelorette party transportation details.
  • No matter what the format, alcohol and bachelorette revelry usually go hand in hand. Be responsible.

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  • Come up with fun games to play if you decide to have a bachelorette party at a home. Scavengers hunt, bride trivia, or pin the tail on the male are just a few ideas.
  • Remind guests that the event is a surprise, if it is, and inform them of any cover fees or other costs they have to come up with.
  • Warn guests ahead of time if you plan something that might be offensive to some. Allow guests to back out gracefully if the party is not their cup of tea.
  • If you’re partying at home, help the hostess plan refreshments and activities. Make a shopping list. Divide up to-dos among bridesmaids: games, decorations, booze-buying, stereo and/or karaoke set-up, CD duty, etc. It is always so easy to B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Beer) All you have to do as the host is write those four letters on the bottom of your invitations and people will bring their own alcohol.

1 Month Before

  • Purchase invitations that match the theme of the bachelorette party, and send them out with enough time for guests to RSVP.
  • Send invitations. Make sure your invitation politely informs guests that a contribution to the festivities will be expected and name the price.

Bachelorettes Invitations are perfect for the last night of her freedom; these invitations say it all: “Grab your dresses, grab your shoes, and get ready for a night of fun”.

Haute Girls Invitations are great way for a inviting all of the bride’s lady friends for the last night out before the big day.

Devise the itinerary

  • Start out with dinner and map out all the establishments you want to hit plus what time you’ll be popping in. Planning it out this way will help you book your transportation for the proper length of time, and it limits the carousing so that you don’t overdo it or spend too much cash.
  • Make all necessary reservations, even at bars. Ask about drink specials and bachelorette freebies. Make your transportation reservation(s).


  • Rent a minivan, or borrow one from someone, or book a limo.
  • Get some of that washable car paint and decorate the car windows to add a little more attention to you ladies tonight.

1 Week Before

  • Buy bachelorette party accessories such as the novelty veil or tiara, other naughty props.
  • Confirm RSVPs
  • Confirm transportation arrangements
  • Confirm the at-home entertainment

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1 Day Before

  • Brief the bride
  • Remind guests of the meeting place and time, reiterating the address. If there are several stops planned, name the second address, too, for latecomers.
  • Re-confirm all reservations.
  • Get plenty of sleep.