Some Wedding Thoughts – Party Favors

A party favor or party favour is a small gift given to the guests at a party as a gesture of thanks for their attendance, a memento of the occasion, or simply as an aid to frivolity.

It is traditional in some Western cultures for the guests at bridal showers and weddings to receive party favors; these vary in price and durability in accordance with the desires and budget of the host or hostess. This practice has spread to many other formal occasions such as baby showers, engagement parties, retirement parties, anniversaries, and holiday gatherings.

For small social gatherings such as birthday parties, guests may receive a simple and inexpensive favor such as a small toy. In some cases guests might receive a small “gift bag” with a handful of favors toys or trinkets, candy, pencils or other small gifts. Occasions such as birthday parties, seasonal parties, unique events such as a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or Christening are a few social gatherings where favors may be appropriate.

Wedding favors are small gifts given as a gesture of appreciation or gratitude to guests from the bride and groom during a wedding ceremony or a wedding reception.

The tradition of distributing wedding favors is a very old one. It is believed that the first wedding favor, common amongst European aristocrats

Today, gifts to guests are commonly known as wedding favors and are shared in cultures worldwide. Wedding favors have become a part of wedding reception planning, especially in the United States and Canada. Wedding favors are diverse and usually complement the theme or season of the event. Classic favors can range from the classic sugared almonds or individual chocolates to candles and scented soaps. Modern gift trends include: CDs with the favorite music of the bride and groom, shot glasses filled with colored candy or silver picture frames with a photo of the couple. Gifts may also be personalized with the couple’s names, initials or wedding date.

Making or buying

A host or hostess has the option to make or buy party favors for their event. The main factors in this decision are budget, longevity of favor, and time allotted for the task.

A typical party favor budget is computed by allotting a specific percentage of the overall event budget to favors. Traditionally, a bigger event such as a wedding or baby shower would allow for 20% of the overall budget to cover party favors. For a smaller event such as a birthday party or seasonal party, 5%-10% of the overall budget is customary.

The longevity of the favor depends on whether or not it is edible. If the host or hostess chooses to give an edible favor, they have the option to make it themselves or buy it from a favor company. The decision about longevity is personal to the host/hostess. For example, if the party is for a child, giving a party favor bag with a few themed items that the child will be able to play with is appropriate. If the party is for Halloween, giving edible “treats” is appropriate. If the party is for an anniversary, giving an item that can be taken home to commemorate the occasion such as a key chain or ornament is appropriate.

Time allotted for the task will also determine whether a host/hostess makes or buys their party favors. If the party is scheduled months in advance, time may be available for a handmade favor. If the guest list is large then buying the favors may be more efficient.

Personalized Gifts for your Wedding Party

As the bride and groom, you’re sure to be showered over and over again with kind gestures, gifts and monetary gifts/donations to help plan your wedding and celebrate your new nuptials.  From engagement gifts to bridal shower gifts to wedding gifts or even “at home” gifts, they just keep coming in during this special time in your life.  Give back a bit to the people who have supported you throughout your relationship together and your entire wedding planning by showering your parents and wedding party before your big day.

Gifts for the Groomsmen: When purchasing a gift for your groomsmen, you can purchase the same gift for everyone, or give everyone a unique gift depending on their taste and style.

Sport Watch with Compass makes an ideal gift for all the men in your life. Classically crafted, this unique piece features a compass on a black genuine leather base, belt clip, key ring and a protective black pouch.

Hip Flask is sure to be a perfect fit for your back pocket! Constructed of durable stainless steel, this handy barware provides convenient portability for up to six ounces of liquid and features an angled base and sides for a comfort fit. Always know your supply level with the see thru square glass window.

Black Face Silver-Plated Pocket Watch is a gift of distinction. Created with old world refinement, this unique gift offers the sophisticated elegance that a wristwatch simply cannot match. Crafted of a clean silver-plated setting, this pocket watch features a handsome 12″ chain, black face watch and free personalization

Gifts for the Bridesmaids: When purchasing a gift for your bridesmaids, find something they can all use again and again, and think of you each time they use it.

Ballet Shoes Once you remove our Ballet Shoes from their Embroidered Gift Pouch, you’ll have the pleasure of slipping your feet into stylish flats that are as chic as they are comfortable. As one of the hottest trends on the market, these satin dancing shoes are a great gift for everyone from bridesmaids and sorority sisters to family and friends. There’s no doubt; every girl will love her slippers for their notable style, as well as their universal appeal! And because of their high comfort level and flexible soles, these glorified ballet slippers are ideal for dancing the night away at wedding receptions or simply relaxing around the house. Available in White and Black and four different sizes, these fun footies are the perfect fit every time!

Bridesmaid Clutch with Survival Kit Let your favorite girls prepare for the worst while looking their best with our super chic Bridesmaid Clutch with Survival Kit. With its over the top trend appeal and ultra functional nature, this is one wedding day detail your bridesmaids won’t want to go without. Equipped with all the right survival accessories – from band aids and bobby pins to sewing kits and breath mints – and designed in plush matte satin, it’s no wonder why this unique gift is such a well anticipated product!

Circle of Friendship Bracelet is a striking charm bracelet that is engraved with a monogram or single initial, perfect for your bridal party.

Gifts for the wedding party can be given out at any time throughout your wedding planning, be it at a bridal luncheon, your rehearsal dinner or the morning before your wedding ceremony.  Gifts are most often presented at the end of your rehearsal dinner, but can be given out whenever you deem appropriate.  The typical cost for a wedding gift for your bridal party is $15 – $60, depending upon your budget.  You can do a unique gift that the wedding party can use at the wedding, be it a spa treatment, hair for the wedding or wedding day jewelry, or do something different with a personalized gift like the fun gifts suggested above. Whatever you do, be sure it reflects your appreciation for the person’s dedication and friendship during this special time in your life.

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