Some Wedding Thoughts – Engagement Party

Engagement parties are regarded as the traditional formal announcement of a wedding more frequently celebrated at a fancy restaurant or dinner party at home. While tradition can be a safe and predictable foundation for a party, we all know the most outstanding ones are remembered because of the unexpected fun had by all.


If you’re throwing an engagement party for someone else, make sure you complete this step first. Have a talk with your newly engaged friends and make sure they’re not planning something already. You may also want to call the parents and make sure they were not hoping to host the party themselves.


Traditionally, the bride’s parents host the first engagement party. If the bride’s family was not able to do it, the duties would fall to the groom’s parents. Nowadays, those rules don’t necessarily apply. Any friend of the couple can offer to host the bash, especially if the couple’s family live far away or if there are sticky family relationships. Just be sure you’re not stepping on any family toes by playing host.

The Date

Whether it’s your engagement party, or one that you’re hosting for a friend, coordinating your calendars with the guests is essential. Get all of your invitations ordered and sent out early to ensure you give enough time to everyone. It is always best to get a guest list ready so you can make sure parents, relatives, close friends, and long travelers can all make it if possible.


Engagement parties are most often held at home or at restaurants. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative, think of fun and unexpected venues as opposed to the more traditional ballroom, banquet hall or restaurant. A local pub, bar or favorite watering hole can be a fun alternative. Prior arrangements can be made so that you have a sectioned off, semi-private area for your guests that may include your own bartender. If the place does not serve food you can arrange to have food delivered or have it catered. This allows everyone to have a good time in a very relaxed atmosphere. If you’re having an at-home party, consider making it a potluck and inviting each guest to bring a dish. Otherwise, it’s best to let a pro handle the food issue. As for drinks, when it comes to at-home parties, consider serving only wine and beer. Just keep in mind the number of people you’ll be having and the kind of mood you’d like to set.


Come up with a budget and stick to it — from the start. Write down all of the elements of the party: the invitations, the food, the drinks, the entertainment, and the decor; and come up with a realistic estimation. Keep in mind that some of the nicest engagement parties can be laid-back at home affairs.


They can estimate exactly how much you need based on your guest list and come up with a creative menu that suits your party’s theme. If it’s a caterer you’ve already worked with and like, consider asking about an overall package to have them cater for your engagement party, rehearsal dinner, and the actual wedding. It may end up saving you money.

Keep it Simple

You can never go wrong with a simple, sexy, cocktail party. Have a wide variety of great food, cocktails and different music to suit all tastes. Make it comfortable for everyone. Create an environment that allows for mingling. It’s a great way for families and friends to meet, and get to know each other. Come up with personalized drinks menu. Go to your local florists and get beautiful flowers that will enhance the space, flowers are great additions to any party. Consider hiring a baby sitter to care for and entertain the youngsters while the grown-ups focus on just having a good time. If you’re having a themed engagement party, keep things elegant by not going overboard with party shop supplies.


Entertainment can indeed enhance the mood at an engagement party, although it’s not necessary. How about a pianist playing that piano in your living room while guests mingle in your home? In the past, having some light dinner music, then later some dance music would require a disc jockey, sound system and lights; today it requires a laptop, playlist and good stereo system. Think ahead, make a list of music for your reception and have your friends add music to your list and even veto other songs. This will be entertaining because you will bring up old memories and songs you may not think about and it will help get a feel of what your guests may expect.


When it comes to picking the invitation, there aren’t nearly as many rules to follow as there are with formal wedding invitations. The invitation should still set the tone for the party, but it can be as creative as you like. Just don’t forget to proofread the invitation before sending.

She Said Yes Invitations She said yes and this is a perfect way to invite your love ones to an engagement party. These invitations come with single, plain white envelopes.

Enchanted Buffet Invitations are perfect for your engagement party with a beautiful outdoor party theme, your guest will get the right message about your celebration.

Burst Bouquet Invitations are elegant invitations the give your personalized bordered by bursts of bouquets.

Crazy Floral Invitations are personalized engagement invitations that are bordered with crazy colorful flowers.

Don’t stress over the last minute details. Whether it’s your own engagement party or one you’re planning for a close friend, keep your hosting duties under control by delegating simple tasks and having a few friends there ahead of time to help you set up. If you’re not hiring a professional photographer, make sure you’ve designated someone to take photos throughout the evening. As the host, just focus on making introductions so no one feels left out and having a good time.