Some More Wedding Advice

This is some wedding advice that I picked up on the go. Make your fiancé happy, by being involved and having a genuine opinion. If you can communicate well during this it will go a long way with your marriage.

The Venue

I personally had to be involved because I love events and gatherings. For us we are simple, but we can buckle down and be creative to stretch some dollars. For me I wasn’t picky with the venue, my family had been involved in a small church in a smaller town since the 1800’s. I would have loved to have an outdoor wedding, a nice woods, the orchard, and so on. But let’s get real for minute, chairs are expensive to rent, parking is an issue, and so is the weather. The place we had easily seated near 150, air conditioning, ceiling fans, and a PA system. We will donate some food and other needed items to them, also some money when we get caught up. I must say look for a place like this, there was a basement with tables and chairs, a kitchen with a serving window, a tiny play room for children, and several easily accessed restrooms.


We decided not to use flowers for bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages. We are a bit rock and roll, we decided to use guitar picks for all our flower purposes. If you browse the internet you will find a few sources for purchase. If you are more like me and can’t afford that route, I whipped out the hot glue gun and found a place in China that would sell me 500 guitar picks the two colors I wanted. This plus some ribbon and paper towel tubes and around twenty hours or so and voila!

If you are thinking flowers here is some advice for us rookies.

Flowers are often at the center of wedding decor. Beautiful floral arrangements can not only embellish your ceremony venue but also give your reception venue a breath of life and vibrancy. It’s critical to hire a flower shop to give you the direction and guidance you need to make the right choices for your wedding colors.

Also make sure you get it all in writing and only put down a deposit of no more than half of the entire cost, pay the other half upon delivery

Choosing a Photographer

It probably comes as no surprise that couples spend the biggest chunk of their wedding budget on their reception, but did you know that they spend the second largest chunk of their budget on their photography? When you think about it, most brides and grooms first want to have a memorable occasion with lots of great food, drink and dancing, but they also want to preserve these memories so that they can relive the experience via pictures.

Look for photographers who not only have a decent book of business but who have also shot weddings before.

Some wedding photographers excel at more formal events some better spontaneously. Make sure to review a photographer’s book and see if there’s anything that catches your eye ask them if they can do what you are looking for.

Bargain shopping for decorations or a dress is fine, but you shouldn’t be bargain shopping if you want decent photography for your wedding.

Remember that your photographer will be all over your wedding – in the aisle of your ceremony, in front of your families, dealing with kids and adults, talking with people at the reception, etc. So make sure they are the appropriate kind of person for the job.

Finding Your Reception Hall

We were once again lucky here, we went to a friends’ reception, which they are fun loving people like us. Their hall was one of the local private clubs that take monthly dues on so on, but I must say their hall had a near perfect dance floor, seating arrangement, accessible restroom, and cheap bar. Add some music, decorations, and food; it will turn into a party.

Fair warning not all of the places are available in your area, we fell in love with the idea and feeling at someone else’s event. Make your event cater to you and your budget. For us we got the hall, bartender, and a keg for under $400 with fifty of that as a returnable deposit on the hall and another thirty for the empty keg.

We had been to other places like this within our budget, but most of them were very smoky and outdated. Don’t be afraid to ask a friend or family member that is a member of one of these local clubs, they can usually get a near hundred dollar discount. This is a real budget.

Also when checking out venues remember parking can make or break your event and if  you are purchasing beverages have enough that you won’t run out, typically the party will also soon run out. Although it is not necessary to supply everyone with beverages all night, but a little will go a long way.

The Rehearsal Dinner

You’re getting married. You’re the groom. Then your bride tells you to prepare the rehearsal dinner while she is in charge of wedding gifts. It’s your first time to get married and hopefully that it’s your last time as well. Now you’re thinking of running to friends. And the best people to approach are your groomsmen. So now you, the groom, and your groomsmen are starting to plan the wedding rehearsal dinner. As the groom, what you have to plan the most for the rehearsal dinner is the flow. Usually, what takes place in this event are toasts and moments of thanking those who helped in the wedding in any way they did. You can also be specific thanking people according to what they have contributed to the wedding. Make it an intimate gathering since the wedding reception won’t have that much intimacy.

The Groomsmen

As groomsmen, the primary role you have is to make sure that there’s a bachelor or stag party. The groom will be very busy with the wedding planning, so he need not be involved but only in minor details. The best man most likely will spearhead this event.

It would also be good to assist the groom in wedding planning for the groomsmen to help reserving locations. The groom might need someone to be with while buying his tuxedo or his suit. All these logistics and others will require some hands and, yes, moral support from buddies.

Some have rehearsal dinners. In this part, you ought to really be involved in executing the rehearsals. Your assistance will definitely take out stress from the groom’s wedding planning process.

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