Sleek It Up With Unexpected Black Wedding Invitations

White weddings are all well and good, but we say why not stand out from the pack with a black wedding? Okay, maybe you’re not ready to commit fully to a color so potentially funereal, but black accents can elevate a wedding from ordinary to fabulous. Picture a white wedding dress with a black sash, a black and white wedding cake, dyed black roses circling a banister. Black works best in small, pointed doses, which is why it’s an excellent color for your wedding invitations!

Custom Mix ‘n Match Wedding Invitations mean the colors are up to you, and of course black is an option. The wide color selection offers Black Linen or slightly lighter Charcoal Black, with the option of silver or gold ink if you’re having wording printed directly on black.

If you’re going with black as an accent, but not the principal invitation layer, consider a black folio like these 6×9 Gate Folio Pocket Wedding Invitations. Black is an excellent way to bring out bright inner colors like pink or green, or even simple white. You can introduce the color scheme with Black Deep U-Flap Envelopes for your wedding invitations, with an address label or even stamp in the other shade you’ve chosen for your color theme.

Of course your wedding stationery needs don’t end with wedding invitations – incorporate black into your other wedding correspondence and keep up with the theme.

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