Simply Elegant Wedding Invitations

We pride ourselves on offering elegant wedding invitations made easy but what, exactly, makes wedding invitations elegant? Elegance can be defined in many ways, but what it essentially comes down to is tastefulness, refinement, and luxury, and the third is certainly not the most necessary. Elegance is more about an attitude than spending a fortune, and that applies just as well to your wedding invitations.

Still, if you’re going all out with your wedding, why not extend that extravagance to your wedding invitations? Embrace luxurious elegance with these Anna Griffin Platinum Espalier Wedding Invitations, swirled ecru and platinum confections bedecked with gorgeous bows for an elegant look that’s almost, but not quite, excessive. Afraid of going overboard? Elegance is often defined by restraint, so keep it pretty and subtle with Anna Griffin Cream and Gold Flat Wedding Invitations.

Elegance can also be had with the addition of accessories to your wedding invitations. A satin ribbon in a shade of Bordeaux, almond, umber or black can add a dramatic note to otherwise basic invitations, whether you use it as an accent threaded through the first layer of your 2 Layer Wedding Invitations or wrapped around your Jacket Wedding Invitations.

And sometimes, of course, the greatest elegance can be found in simplicity. Whether you use them as wedding invitations or thank you cards, Elegant Border Notes live up to their name with their lovely white or ivory shading combined with your choice of ink color in shades like sage, grey, wine, or navy. In order to be elegant, you need not say a lot, so why not say it with simple cards like these?