Selecting Your Wedding Style

Your wedding style should reflect the styles and tastes of you, your groom and both of your families.  Once you have agreed on the style of your wedding, the other decisions pertaining to the big day will become much easier for your.

Consider the following questions when you are deciding on the style of your wedding:


1. Do you want your wedding to be formal, semi-formal or informal?

2. Do you prefer a religious or civil ceremony?

3. Do you want to hold the services inside or outside?

4. Do you want a sit-down dinner reception or cake and punch?

5. Do you want to add personal touches to make it more special and unique?


Do not be reluctant to select a less expensive wedding style that reflects your hobbies or interests.  For example, if you and your groom are avid horse lovers, you may choose to have your wedding on horseback followed by a casual, outdoor barbeque.

Usually the more formal the wedding, the more expensive it is.  Weddings held in the morning or afternoon are usually less expensive of the food and the amount of formality.  Saturday is usually the most popular day for a wedding ceremony, while June and October are the most popular months.  There may be discounts available for other days and times.  Check with the ceremony site as well as the reception venue representatives on their policies for off season rates.  Expenses can be kept lower if you hold the ceremony at the same place as the reception.  This is especially true at country clubs and hotels.  These venues will have staff and supplies readily available.

More and more weddings are being held on Friday nights and Sunday afternoons for better rates.  Try to avoid a holiday wedding.  Holiday weddings can be very expensive due to more advanced planning and competing for sites and caterers.

Select your style, make a realistic budget and have the wedding of your dreams.

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