Save the Date Cards: What are they and Why do you need them?

Since most brides, thankfully, only go through the wedding planning process once, it is impossible to learn and know all the terminology that has been used in the industry for decades only to forget it overnight after the ceremony. Knowing this, we’ve set out to quickly and easily define a few terms for you. After all, you don’t need to know all the specifics, just what it is and whether it applies to you, right?

What are Save-the-Date Cards?
They are cards sent out well before your wedding invitations in order to inform guests of the upcoming wedding date and, in most instances, the locale. Save the date cards are essential if you have friends and family on your guest list that will be making a big trip to attend your wedding. They are also important for weddings that take place over a holiday weekend or in an area where travel and accommodation arrangements need to be made well in advance.

Save-the-date cards are simply a courtesy to your guests so they can adjust their personal calendars and make the appropriate plans in order to attend your special day. In most cases, the American Wedding offers the option to get save-the-date cards that match the color and style of your wedding invitations, thus giving your guests a head’s up on your wedding colors and the kind of attire that would be suitable as well. However, even if you choose to make your own invitations or just aren’t ready to buy invites quite yet, we have a wide variety of custom save-the-date cards as well. You might also consider our save the date magnets as a fun alternative and added wedding keepsake.

Quick Checklist – Do you need to send Save-the-Date Cards?
If your wedding meets any one or more of these requirements, then you should consider sending a save-the-date card to part or all of your guest list.

  • Out of town wedding guests
  • Out of town / destination wedding
  • Wedding date falls on a holiday weekend
  • Getting married during the week
  • Wedding date is 4 months to a year away

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