Roles for Wedding Attendants

The bride’s maid-of-honor may fulfill some or all of the following:

  • Help in selecting the attire for the bridesmaids
  • Help with addressing invitations and place cards
  • Attend all parties and showers, if possible
  • Hold the groom’s wedding band during the ceremony
  • Assist the bride when dressing for the ceremony
  • Arrange the bride’s gown, train and veil before the processional and recessional
  • Make sure the bride looks “picture perfect” throughout the day
  • Hold the bridal bouquet during the ceremony
  • Witness the signing of the marriage certificate
  • Stand in the receiving line
  • Keep the bride on schedule
  • Take care of the bride’s gown and accessories after the reception

The groom’s best man may fulfill some or all of the following:

  • Plan and organize a bachelor party
  • Help the groom dress and get to the ceremony on time
  • Make sure all checks are written for wedding related expenses. (see who pays for what)
  • Give the officiant his or her check
  • Offer the first toast to the newlyweds at the reception
  • Witness the signing of the marriage certificate
  • Drive the bride and groom to the reception venue (if a driver was not hired)
  • Take care of the groom’s wedding clothes after the reception
  • Arrange for transportation for the newlyweds after the reception
  • Oversee the return of all rental apparel
  • Pay for his wedding attire and transportation to the wedding city
  • Wedding gift for the bride and groom

Bridesmaids’ duties may include:

  • Arrange and be on time for the dress fitting appointments
  • Assist the maid of honor when needed
  • Attend showers and parties for the couple
  • Help the bride with errands
  • Be punctual for the ceremony
  • Help gather guests at the reception for the cake cutting and the bouquet toss
  • Purchase their gowns and accessories as well as transportation to the wedding city

The groomsmen or ushers’ duties may include:

  • Participate in the bachelor party
  • Greet guests
  • Check with the head usher for any special arrangements
  • Before the processional and after all the guests are seated, put the aisle runner in place
  • Have maps available for guests who need directions to the reception venue
  • If there is a garter ceremony, participate and encourage other single men to do so as well
  • Arrange the return of rented apparel with the best man
  • Pay for wedding attire as well as transportation to the wedding city

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