Rehearsal Cruise

Imagine how relaxing it would feel to cruise along the water, watching the sunset. After the rehearsal dinner is over, treat your wedding party to a celebration at sea.  If you live near a lake, river, or better even, an ocean, inquire about boats for hire.  There are boats large enough to accommodate 100 people and others for fewer than 25.

Some party boats offer catered meals and live bands for entertainment, while others may allow you to provide the food, beverages and music.  If the event is catered by the charter company, be sure to inquire about decorations as well as the champagne for all the toasting that will be done.

If you are providing the food, beverages and decorations, make arrangements to board early enough to set up and still have plenty of time to get ready for the rehearsal.  If would be ideal if a close friend, who is not in the wedding party, could take on the responsibility of readying the boat.

Invitations will add to the excitement by passing out rolls of Life Savers wrapped with a simple message of when and where the boat will be.  Purchase a number of the traditional white “Dixie Cup” sailor hats to give to each member of the wedding party before they board.  Be sure to get your groom a captain’s hat as well.

Most charter companies will provide you with a certified pilot, while others may allow a member of your party to steer.  If the latter is the case, please have him or her refrain from drinking too much.  Most states have laws about drinking and boating.  Too much partying on the part of the driver could result in arrest and/or fines and is extremely unsafe for the passengers and other boaters.

Relax, enjoy yourself and gaze at the stars.  What a wonderful way to spend the evening before your big day.

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