Real Art for Budding Picassos

Rachel is just 6 and has already received countless remarks about her art.  It didn’t take long for our family to start thinking “We’ve got artist on our hands!”.  I started signing Rachel up for various art camps and classes only to find myself and Rachel frustrated.  Many of them were nothing special, nothing extraordinary nor different than what she might encounter at school or church.  And we had piles of painted paper plates, popsicle sticks and paper mache growing in our house.

Then, former ‘Roo Crew member, Kimberly, told me about ArtHouse.  And I’m so glad she did!  ArtHouse is an exceptional and valuable art experience for children. Basically, it’s a legitimate (i.e. “for real”) art studio for kids located in downtown Raleigh, NC. Kalesia Kuenzel, director of ArtHouse, teaches various forms of art to children in small, private classes that focus on artistic expression, creativity and sensory stimulation.  Gracious and fun, Kalesia guides her students to create their own masterpieces. The resulting art is truly wall-worthy.

Rachel painted an abstract kangaroo for me for mother's day!

ArtHouse offers art classes for kids, art parties for kids, private lessons, and lessons for homeschoolers. We opted for the regular art classes which take place over a 10-week session in an enchanting art space. Rachel usually churns out 3-4 pieces during this period. Kalesia also tells stories about art history, further increasing the value and art education the kids receive in their time spent with her.  I found that this approach taught Rachel about delayed gratification and to take her time with things she cares about – which is so rare for kids.  It’s not all serious though.  The kids have a lot of fun and sometimes even sneak in a sweet treat before they wrap up class.

Various art projects for kids taught at the ArtHouse in Raleigh, NC

Parents are not allowed to observe art classes, but that’s okay!  It’s the perfect opportunity to squeeze in a little “me time” at the Boylan Street BrewPub (a hop, skip and a jump away) or go for a walk while your budding Picasso paints away. Check out their student art gallery and visit ArtHouse on Facebook!

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