Popular Wedding Invitation Trends

The task of choosing your perfect wedding invitation can be rather daunting.  There are so many to choose from; here are some trends to help guide you.

In today’s society people are “going green;” wedding invitations are no different.  There are now a wide variety of eco friendly invitations to choose from.  For example, there is recycled stock, handmade paper, tree free and chlorine free.  Another eco trend is botanical touches such as pressed flowers or leaves and silk fibers woven into the paper.  Eliminate extra paper use wherever possible.  Use a reply postcard instead of a card that requires an envelope; skip the inner envelope all together.

Color is another big trend; rich and bold colors are popular this year.  If you are having a winter wedding, onyx black with touches of snow white and silver is a popular color scheme.  Forest green and plum are other popular winter colors.  For a spring wedding, picture blooming gardens when thinking of your colors.  Examples include sky blue, leaf green, magnolia pink and daisy yellow, just to name a few.  Summer weddings are all about electric colors.  Apple green, aqua blue, bright yellow and orange are the colors of choice.  For fall weddings, the summer palette mellows into deep shades of rusty orange, scarlet and chocolate brown.  When planning your fall wedding, think harvest.

Motifs and graphic themes are also popular now.  Many wedding companies offer a variety of designs that you can use on just about everything needed for the wedding, whether it be a certain type of flower, your monogram, a personalized logo or a scripture verse; personalization is key.  If there are items that you cannot get personalized, then consider doing it yourself.  Buy personalized ribbons to tie on your bubbles or other decorations.  Buy seals with your motif on it and use them throughout your decor.

Pocket invitations are a very popular choice as well.  Instead of having an inner envelope, everything is kept inside a folder-type card.  It has a pocket for everything and it keeps you invitations neat and organized.  You can usually get the pocket in a variety of colors to compliment your invitations and wedding color scheme.

Map and direction cards are crucial now.  The last thing you want is for your guests to get lost on the way to the wedding.  If you are getting married in an unfamiliar location, investing in map cards is probably a good idea.  All you have to do is supply a map to the invitation company and they will print it out for you on stock that matches your invitations.  This is a good way to ensure that your guests make it to the ceremony and reception.

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