Popular Wedding Invitation Designs

Finding the best possible design for your wedding invitation can be a long and tedious process, but knowing which designs are popular can help you narrow down the options quickly. You might not be the type of person who simply chooses whatever appeals to the masses, but when it comes to wedding invitations, it is important to remember that the invitations you choose create the first impression of the wedding your friends and family will attend.

For the most part, our invitation designs are split into nine categories. These basic distinctions will help you begin the process of finding the right invitation for the type of wedding you plan to have. The categories are classic, contemporary, couples, destination, floral, hearts, layered, Christian and Fall themed. Understanding what each of these themes has to offer is one of the keys to finding the right invitation for your ceremony.

A classic style wedding invitation is perfect for the traditional wedding, and white is usually the dominant color of these invitations. The majority of the invitation will be covered with white, while other colors, most frequently black or gold, are used for decorative borders or symbols. Many of these invitations feature some form of imprinting or embossed patterns. Sheer ribbon is also a common decorative element of these invitations. A refined sense of elegance and formality is the mood that is most frequently portrayed from these invitations. If your ceremony is a reflection of that mood, then a classic style invitation is perfect for you.

Contemporary invitations convey a similar mood to the classical design. They can also be fun and relaxed if you want them to be. The featured colors tend to be white, black, pink and a light brown, almost bronze color. Sheer ribbons are used frequently, and white classical styling frequently uses vine-work and other similar designs for borders, contemporary designs utilize geometric patterns, giving the document a more artistic style.

The Couples group of invitations follows its name. By portraying couples together getting married, they put the focus on the bride and groom. White is the standard color, but these invitations tend to allow more freedom for experimentation with color choices. These invites can range from formal to romantic, and this style of invitation really does focus on the couple, often down to how the invitation wording is laid out. This type of invitation gives you the freedom to find a card that focuses on your personal style as a couple.

For the Destination Wedding, you can find invitations that emphasize a specific location or general ambiance. Whether your destination is the Las Vegas Strip, a cruise liner, or a white sandy beach somewhere, you are sure to find an invitation that highlights the locale. This can be a very rewarding design choice as it serves to absorb your guest into the atmosphere of your wedding, and prepares him or her for the excitement of the destination. If you are having a destination wedding, look no further, these invitations would be perfect for your event.

Floral designs are another popular choice for many couples. These invitations display the best features of both the classic and contemporary style and create a beauty that is perfect for any type of ceremony. One popular feature of these invitations is the way in which color can be used. Emphasizing the color of the flower over the white and black background creates a striking and elegant mood. Other design elements feature embossed patterns and frames that are cut into the front of the card. The frame is frequently surrounded by flowers that border the text. This allows for an elaborate visual design that does not get in the way of the message within.

For those looking for a theme that will put the emphasis on a fun sense of romance and love, the Heart category is perfect. This style of design works very similarly to the others, but where flowers, geometric shapes or pictures of couples make up the images that adorn the card, hearts now take the focus. This particular style of invitation is perfect for anybody who wants a simple but heartfelt atmosphere for the wedding since most of these designs are not overly complex.

Layered invitations are perhaps the most elaborate and potentially formal invitations. These cards feature layers of paper folded and intertwined in a variety of patterns to give the invitation a very complex sense of beauty. Extensive use of bows and accenting paper make up the most prominent features of these cards. For a couple trying to have a very high end, formal feel for their ceremony, this category is a great fit.

The Christian themed wedding invitations are designed for those who want to emphasize the Christian faith aspects of their wedding ceremony. These cards will often feature Christian symbols such as the cross or hands praying. They will also frequently contain a Bible passage as part of the text of the card. In terms of overall look and feel of these invitations, the options are unlimited. Popular cards from this category take cues from all of the other themes, but add Christian concepts to them.

If you are planning a beautiful autumn wedding, then a fall theme invitation could be perfect for you. Featuring
a wide variety of harvest time imagery, these invitations can provide a great deal of options when it comes to ceremony styles. Formal designs are plentiful, but so are more laid back options. This card style can be used in a diverse number of settings as long as your ceremony is taking place in the fall.

Whatever you end up choosing as the theme for your wedding, you are sure to find the perfect invitation. With so many options for themes, take some time to browse and find the most beautiful card possible. After all, the invitation will be everybody’s first impression of the ceremony.

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