Planning the Perfect Wedding Coffee Bar

Different types of bars and buffets are appearing at weddings across the country.  Coffee bars are a big one for various reasons.  Coffee bars can be used as an alternative to pricy alcohol.  They can also be used as a wonderful way to serve desert.   Here are some great ideas for planning a coffee bar for a wedding reception, after wedding brunch or any occasion.

Provide Variety- It can be as simple as offering regular and decaf options but one size does not fit all when it comes to coffee. Offering tea and hot chocolate at the bare minimum is also a great option.  More elaborate coffee bars can offer special roasts and blends and even espresso and cappuccino.

Don’t Forget the Cups- Personalized tea cups make a great favor but may not be cost effective for smaller weddings. Disposable cups are fine as long as they are properly insulated.  Even disposable cups can be ordered personalized. Personalized insulated holders can also be purchased for disposable cups. For an elegant touch, glass mugs and glass mugs on stems can be used.

Adults Only Options- A touch of crème liqueur or other flavored liqueurs can give the coffee bar an adult pick me up for those who choose to partake.

Mix Ins and Toppings- Whipped cream, peppermint shavings, chocolate shavings, and cinnamon sticks are some basics to make the coffee bar seem more gourmet.  Flavored syrups, flavored creamers and even flavored whipped creams are more fun and delicious ideas. Chocolate dipped spoons, edible coffee stirrers and other treats can be added as well to match the season, theme or the couple’s tastes.

Desserts Galore- Try sticking mini donuts on coffee stirrers for a ready to eat and perfectly paired treat. Biscotti, coffee cakes, pound cake and other pastries and cookies also go well with coffee. The wedding cake itself pairs wonderfully with a coffee bar. Why not have a coffee flavored wedding cake? Fruit flavors and nut flavors will also pair particularly well with a coffee bar, just be sure to warn guests in case of allergies.

Don’t Forget the Favors- Small bags of coffee that are personalized with the couples name and the phrase “The Perfect Blend” are great coffee themed favors.  Empty bags labeled the same way with jars of loose coffee and powdered flavorings allow guests to create their own perfect blend to take home.  Personalized coffee mugs and stirring spoons are also another great option.

Keep Up the Coordination- Provide special flavors to go with the season like peppermint flavored coffee or peppermint mix ins for the Christmas season and pumpkin lattes for the fall. Or how about a raspberry mocha to go with the raspberry cream filling the summer wedding cake. Make sure the theme,  and extras on the coffee bar match the themes of the rest of the day to some extent.  Just a few tie-ins like flavors and colors can do the trick.

Extras for the Children- Milkshake shooters with brownie bites make a great grown up looking treat for the kids.  Hot chocolate and chocolate milk will also be received well. Mini donuts go great with milk and they can even be allowed some of the flavored syrups the grown-ups are using in their milk.

A coffee bar can be fun, it can be elegant and it can be a wonderful addition to nearly any party, best of all a wedding reception.