Planning Ideas to Save Money on Your Wedding

Let’s face it, weddings can be expensive. There are ways to have that expensive look, without the big price tag. Here are a few ways you can save money on your wedding:

  • Make your own accessories, like the ring pillow, wedding veil, and decorations for the ceremony and reception. Craft and fabric stores offer large selections of patterns, fabrics, ideas as well as many how-to courses.. Save even more money by buying your supplies during a sale.
  • Hold the ceremony and reception in the same location. You will save on flowers, decorations, transportation, site fees & more.
  • Consider decorating with balloons instead of just flowers. Balloons are much cheaper and add a touch of magic!
  • Save money on those little fairy lights by purchasing white Christmas tree lights after Christmas. You can save 75% over those offered in wedding catalogs.
  • Create your own centerpieces and light the room with candlelight. Candles are much cheaper than flowers. Buy votives from a restaurant supplier or craft store. Buying these is usually cheaper than renting, and you can use them again.
  • If you have a friend who is a musician or singer, consider asking them to play or sing during the ceremony instead of hiring a professional. This will save you a lot of money and your friend will be touched that you asked.
  • Find a DJ who is willing to work along, and leave the emcee duties to the best man. Consider borrowing or renting a good sound system, organize your CD selections and see if you can locate a music student from a local high school to act as disc jockey.
  • Talk to your photographer about limiting his/her time to help cut costs. Have them only shoot the ceremony, not the reception. Put disposable cameras around at the reception for guests to use. It costs less than a photographer in most cases, and you can expect to get some great candid pictures!
  • Save money on the transportation budget by limiting the number of limos you use. Or as a friend with a vintage car or carriage to drive the bridal couple and book a mini-bus or van to transport the wedding party and parents.
  • When it comes to weddings, relatives and friends are usually thrilled to help. From shoes to linens to a backyard, don’t dismiss any offers too quickly. Borrowing can save you a lot of money.
  • Lastly, forego the exotic tropical honeymoon. Instead, spend a relaxing week at a local beach or cabin in the hills. You’ll feel refreshed and won’t have to deal with the stress of travel and jet lag. Best of all, you will save a bundle on your first vacation as husband and wife.
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