Planning a Wedding with a Wedding Vendor

The big day is set and now you need some help pulling the whole thing together. Planning a wedding seems like it would be easy and myself I have been more than knees deep in mine. Hiring help can help you in your endeavor to succeed at your perfect idea of a wedding. There are still many brides who think that hiring a planner is an unnecessary expense, or a luxury only afforded by those with an unmatched wedding budget. There are serious pros to having a planner or coordinator run the show, such as ease of mind, good vendor coordination, and smooth flowing event. One of the most common misconceptions among brides and grooms is a wedding professional’s job title, and the responsibilities and talents associated with it.  While working toward the common goal of making your wedding day fabulous, the job responsibilities of each of these professionals is actually very different.

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It’s important to determine what your needs and desires are before you begin contacting potential planners/coordinators. Make sure that your “wants” line up with what is being offered. You should know that a wedding coordinator is not always a wedding planner. Many times people will use the terms coordinator & planner interchangeably. It is somewhat understandable, as a wedding planner is always a wedding coordinator. This way, the couple has total control over every aspect of the wedding but has the ease of mind letting someone else make sure it comes together on the big day.

You’ve heard the job titles and are now in a state of confusion; so to help you learn the roles of each wedding professional, it’s time to break it on down.

Day-of coordinators allow planning companies to offer more limited services than full planning. A wedding coordinator, by contrast, is not necessarily deeply involved with the wedding plans; their primary function is to facilitate a smooth-running event on the wedding day itself. A day-of coordinator usually begins services close to wedding date and after the couple has hired all their vendors and venue. They often jump into the picture a month or so before the wedding to gather key information and create a timeline. On the day-of, they run the show and ensure that things go according to plan. Although not as expensive as a full-on planner, it could still add a thousand or more to a wedding budget.

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Employed by the reception site, a reception site coordinator is often a salesperson working on behalf of the venue.  In addition to booking weddings for the venue, a site coordinator works with you to receive all necessary paperwork before the big day.  Often the reception site coordinator is on-site on your wedding day, making sure the linens on the tables and covers on the chairs match your order. Although most reception site coordinators are not trained and accredited wedding coordinators, some actually are.  Though they typically won’t help you secure your other wedding professionals, they will often hand you a list of wedding professionals who have done weddings there.


  • Not as involved as a full-time wedding planner
  • You will still have to do lots of legwork in figuring out what needs to be done


  • Makes the wedding day run smoothly, leaving a stress-free bride
  • Useful if you have many DIY elements that you would otherwise have to set up yourself
  • Provides a worry free day for the couple and the family
  • Less expensive

A wedding planner is well-versed in wedding coordination, budget allocation, and the best wedding professionals for your budget.  Handling the details of your wedding, this pro has great relationships with area professionals and can also often get you discounts or add-ons. They are brimming with insider information about the business and will save you time and money with their assistance and referrals. The wedding planner will work with the couple after the date is set, helping with everything from design creation, budgeting, stationery, vendors, suggestions, and contract negotiations. From day-of coordination to guidance every step of the way, a wedding planner will usually customize his or her services to best meet your needs. Although there are levels of service you can commission with a wedding planner, most will assist you with venue selection, vendor referrals, production of a detailed checklist of things to do, production of a detailed day-of timeline and communication with all vendors leading up to the event. They will even help you plot the course down the aisle. Often a wedding planner will helps best by setting the pace and mood for everything. They will proffer ideas and inspiration for your event and help you secure vendors who will contribute to that cohesive vision.

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While a wedding planner is strongest in the logistics and planning of your wedding, an event designer shines when designing the aesthetics of your wedding.  An event designer doesn’t just refer you to stationery or favor companies, but has the ability to create things from scratch.  If you’re envisioning a die-cut wooden cursive sign hanging above your custom wedding altar made of vintage doors and wrought iron gates, an event designer is the one who can make this a reality.  A great event designer has all of the tools to create the details to make your wedding unique, from a workshop to electronic cutting machines and the inside scoop on where to find the right props for the job.


  • Caters with many needs from beginning to end
  • A full time professional
  • Attention to details
  • Provides a worry free wedding environment for many months in advance


  • Adds a large expense to the wedding

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  • Hire someone you feel comfortable with, trust and like as a person: they are going to be with you and your guests through out the entire day
  • Don’t be afraid to hire someone who is new to the industry; it’s a great way to get a good deal on the service. Ask what previous event planning experience they have had, how many meetings you will get with and if you can see any organizational documents they may have.
  • Even a new coordinator should be able to answer all of your questions.
  • The coordinator should have all of your vendors’ information. Ask all vendors to filter their inquiries through the planner/coordinator first!

Remember that if you are getting married at the same place as your reception, that a day of coordinator may be included in the package.

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