Planning a Honeymoon – Making the Budget

A honeymoon, like a wedding, can be filled with lots of little costs and expenses that can be easily missed in making the budget.  Here are some basics to remember when making the honeymoon budget.

Preparation at Home

Will child care or pet kenneling be needed? Will passports need to be filed for if the honeymoon will be international? Will the couple need a house sitter? Will new clothes be purchased for the honeymoon? Travelers’ checks incur fees, if a travel agent is being used make room for those fees as well.

Travel Accommodations

Flights need to be booked or gas costs calculated for a long drive.  If a car is being used for transportation, an inspection, tune-up and oil change may be a good idea. Baggage fees can also add significant expense to traveling.  A rental car may also be necessary if flying to the honeymoon.  Be sure to purchase the insurance for the rental cars. International temporary driver’s licenses may need to be acquired as well. Take into account gas, tolls, shuttles and taxi fares as well if needed.


Flight and hotel packages may provide a good deal. Take into account the cost of a room upgrade if one will be requested. Don’t forget to tip the valets and bellhops. Having local currency on hand for this is best. If taking a cruise, don’t forget to tip staff as needed and have cash on hand for port charges and touring local sights.

Food Costs and Menus

Be sure to know exactly what an all-inclusive package includes in the way of meals if purchasing one.  Research local eateries to be sure the approximate cost of meals is planned.  Add extra for alcohol if nightlife is planned and any room service that may be ordered.

Extra Activities

Golfing, surfing, scuba diving and tours will probably cost extra as well. Going dancing and experiencing the nightlife will also require extra spending money. Spa treatments and other activities also need to be budgeted.

Shop ahead of time and look for flash deals.  Be sure to read all of the terms and conditions as well as blackout dates for deals.