Planning a Brown and Tan Wedding

All the Eco bride trends have brought browns and tans to the forefront of the wedding scene. Rich chocolate hues are paired with nearly any color for a clean and classy look.  Lighter browns and khaki are mixed with earth tones for a luscious Eco Chic wedding color palette. This week we’ll fill you in on some tips for incorporating brown and tan into your wedding colors.

Themes that Pair Well with Brown and Tan

Rich chocolate browns convey decadence and class.  They are best used with clean lines.  Tans and lighter browns pair well with earth tones and muted colors.  Almost any theme can benefit from the balance of brown in the color palette. A wedding reception with lots of chocolate and chocolate colored items makes for a decadent candy land of a reception. Themes that use birds, flowers or other items from nature do wonderfully with touches of brown.  A harvest theme invoking wishes of prosperity for the happy couple would include some shades of brown.

For more brown and tan wedding tips and ideas, come back for our Wednesday blog, Planning a Brown and Tan Wedding – Color Combinations and our Friday blog, Planning a Brown and Tan Wedding – Brown and Tan Details.