Planning a Brown and Tan Wedding – Color Combinations

Color Schemes That are Complementary to Brown and Tan and How to Use Them 

  • Brown and orange – Mocha brown and khaki paired with a bright orange may seem an unlikely color combination but it really is genius.  Add some yellow or green into the mix, especially on your wedding invitations and other wedding stationery for a look that makes a statement any time of the year. Richer, darker browns like chocolate can be used with peach for a beautiful wedding color palette all year round and with brighter oranges like pumpkin orange for a fall wedding with a beautiful autumn color scheme.  Add greens, yellows and even reds to complete your harvest themed wedding. Chocolate cupcakes with peach icing make sweet treats for this color scheme. Consider having your cake frosted in a chocolate brown butter cream.  You can save money over fondant and have it decorated with orange flowers to really tie together these wedding color choices.  Ask your baker about applying the icing so it still has a textured look instead of smoothing it out. 
  • Brown and pink – Dusty rose and khaki are two light colors that look beautiful together.  Add touches of white or black for contrast and you have a beautiful and romantic color scheme for your wedding. You can also add wine colors instead for some extra vintage romance.  Hot pink or pale pink can be paired with chocolate brown for romance, decadence and fun. Add some peach into this color scheme for some extra romance.  You can also add orange, yellow or both for a fun and fresh wedding color scheme.  How about potted pink roses as reception décor? Mocha colored candles poured on a frosted pink container or tied with a pink ribbon make for great brown and pink favors.
  • Brown and purple – Eggplant and tan or khaki makes for a classic winter wedding color scheme.  Switch the eggplant for lavender and your spring wedding color palette is complete. Most shades of purple will pair well with most shades of brown.  Choose your colors based on the time of day and time of year when your wedding will be held when choosing this wedding color combination. Try pairing a rich purple and chocolate brown with some lavender for contrast. Try purple flowers everywhere with brown base pieces.  Brown tablecloths, icing on your cake, branches and ribbons will complement as many purple flowers as you can muster for your wedding reception and wedding ceremony.
  • Brown and blue – A mocha brown paired with a rich royal blue would look wonderful any time of the year.  How about caramel brown and ice blue?  This is another wedding color combination that is a winner no matter what shades you choose.  How about placing blue birds of happiness on log or branch arrangements for centerpieces? A wicker basket with a royal blue ribbon woven through the top makes a great place to store favors.  Use these baskets for the bathroom or to hold cards from guests as well.
  • Brown and green – Add bright lime greens in the mix for a fresh color palette for your wedding.  Go with deeper, earthier greens for a natural and modern wedding color scheme. Potted plants are often an inexpensive choice for centerpieces and wedding ceremony and reception décor.  They are also re- plantable and re-useable, so that makes them earth friendly.
  • Brown and yellow – From pale yellow to bright yellow that is reminiscent of sunshine, most shades of yellow will pair with most shades of brown. So grab some swatches and fabric scraps and go to work choosing your shades. A neutral tan paired with bursts of sunshine yellow makes for an understated yet gorgeous wedding color palette. Try lemons and limes in carved wooden bowls as a centerpiece that is unique and memorable.  Plus you can use the wooden bowls as serving bowls for the first party you host as a married couple.
  • Brown and white – Any shade of brown can be paired with white with or without a third color in the mix.  Choose a rich chocolate brown for winters and evenings or a tan or khaki for morning weddings and warmer weather weddings.  Wicker and lace or lush white flowers make great décor elements for this wedding color scheme. Wood and other natural brown elements also pair well with your white and brown wedding décor.
  • Brown and red – Consider a wine with khaki or mocha for this wedding color palette.  Ruby red and bright red will pair well with almost any shade of brown for your wedding colors. Instead of chocolate icing to work this color scheme into your cake, consider a rich red icing with khaki colored flowers and a glittery sugar sprinkled on the entire cake or just the flowers.
  • Brown and black – This makes for a very dark color combination so it is best used for morning receptions.  Lighten it up by using a light tan or khaki, or adding white into the mix for a timeless look. Keeping with the color coordinating desserts how about a chocolate mousse with whipped cream and Oreo cookie pieces for your dessert table?  Your guests will devour them adults and kids alike.

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