Pew Decoration Ideas

When you start thinking about decorating for your wedding, you most likely start thinking of the reception hall. We often put so much emphasis on how we are decorating our reception from the centerpieces to the draped ceilings that we forget the church. While many churches are already quite beautiful they certainly need a bit of embellishment to put your signature wedding style on them. 

Not permanently of course and you certainly wouldn’t want to go over the top but something will need to be done to let everyone know that today is your day. Plus this will be a clue as to what your reception will look like and introduce your guests to your no doubt fabulous taste.

While you and your girls will probably be walking down the aisle with colorful bouquets and your bridal party will most likely be in coordinating color outfits the church itself will need a bit of pop.

There is always the tried and true pew bow. A colorful bow full of many tufts of ribbon typically around six inches wide that is hung or taped to the end of the pew. These cute bows show your wedding colors are easy to assemble and inexpensive. They are also quite common so you should have no trouble finding ones to purchase or finding someone to help you make them.

Some brides opt to go with flower poms or balls of flowers. These sphere shaped beauties hang typically from a ribbon and are covered in blossoms. For the bride who loves flowers, these are definitely a good choice. If you choose to have them in silk instead of real flowers, no one will notice and you can even give them as favors to the people that helped you a bit extra on your big day. They will look charming hanging from a bathroom doorknob.

For the bride who strays from tradition but still wants some sort of small decoration, there are other options. Some people choose to make small paper hearts out of crafting paper in your wedding colors. After cutting out long strips of paper simply secure them in the shape of a heart and tie a colorful ribbon to the top. These will hang from standard pew bow hooks. They give a soft look and work great for the bride who is using hearts as her theme.

If you are a bride who is using her new last name initial as a running theme we have an idea for you as well. At many craft and hobby stores you can find single letters hanging from ribbon. These letters often come in varied fonts, colors and sizes. A single letter M for example hanging on the ends of each pew would help tie in the initial theme that you have chosen.

No matter your theme, style, or budget you should be able to find the right choice for you. The ideas mentioned above are just that, ideas. Make sure that you stay true to your theme, style and budget and the right choice will be easy to make.

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