Peacock Themed Wedding

Wedding trends are all around us. Some tend to come and go very quickly. Others prove themselves to have staying power. A recent trend that has not necessarily arrived all over but, certainly has not wore out it’s welcome is that of the peacock feather.

Like many trends, it is often hard to pin down where they started and or what the mean. Many sources state that the peacock feather is a symbol of balance and harmony. This idea makes them a lovely idea for a wedding. As a marriage is  seen by many as taking two people and joining them together as one.

Others report that the peacock feather is a symbol of immortality. Choosing this trend may suggest to your guests that the bond and love that you and your spouse share is not only strong but in your eyes eternal as well.

Peacock feathers are full of several different colors, many already wedding color favorites. From the blues and purple shades to even more trendy yellows and olive greens. The peacock feather is a terrific choice to base your color palette off of.

With that said, it is no surprise that several items can be personalized with a bit of peacock flair.

From invitations, to bouquets and everything between peacock feathers are making their way into the décor of many weddings.

Many brides incorporate peacock feathers in their floral arrangements. Faux feathers can typically be ordered in any size you can imagine. Making them ideal for centerpieces, bouquets and more!

Our Regal Peacock wedding invitation offers the richer shades of the peacock feather. And is printed on a single panel card as well. The card comes with a black folder that the single card is then tucked into. A seal with the matching peacock design holds the package together.

Don’t want a peacock wedding invitation but still want to incorporate the colors? Consider choosing accessories that come in colors from the peacock feather. We offer a variety of napkin color and ink color choices. So many to choose from you are sure to find your favorite peacock inspired color combination.

If this is a trend that you admire, think about incorporating it into your wedding day style. Even if you do not choose to just take the design and run with it, there are several small touches that you can add to make your wedding day really stand it.

It’s the little details in your big day that really pull everything together.