Organic Wedding Invites meet Urban Chic

Anyone not living under a large rock knows that green weddings are all the rage, and organic or nature-inspired wedding invitations play a central role in such nuptials. But for those who like their granola with a side of glam, you’ll be happy to know the hottest wedding invitation trend right now is organic wedding invitations with an urban twist.

These updated invites may still feature recycled paper or natural elements, but now you’ll see a rhinestone beside a dried flower, or that soft crinkly natural paper dyed a hot urban color like key lime or magenta. Funky fonts and fun wording also help mix up wedding invites a la mother nature.

Believe it or not, green wedding invitations really do make a huge difference on the environment. Recycled paper saves trees and natural elements prevent waste. Green wedding invitations are a great way to counteract the overly expensive and elaborate wedding propaganda so prevalent in today’s culture by doing something that’s stylish and environmentally conscious.

From charity registries, organic entrees, and raw fiber wedding dresses, green weddings are a huge trend. Organic wedding invitations with an urban flair are a great way to create glass slipper elegance with Birkenstock materials.

Source(s): The Knot