MyGatsby Wedding Invitations and the Glamour of The Great Gatsby Era

Elegant, opulent, and beautiful, The Great Gatsby era was dominated by excess and casual luxury for the select few born into it or those who gained fortunes from early industry. takes their name from the novel that defined a generation, inspired by that elegant spirit and driven to provide the finest wedding invitations to the modern audience.

The Jazz Age shared more than a few qualities with the modern age we live in today. One of the major tenets of the Jazz Age was the embracing of new technology, including automobiles, airplanes, and the telephone. The young socialites and nouveau riche loved having the ability to get around more quickly, letting them get what they want when they wanted it. This is something we take for granted in the days of the internet & in some locations, you don’t even have to leave the house for groceries! Now, you can easily order custom wedding invitations and have them delivered printed and ready to send to your guests.

MyGatsby reflects this respect for technology by making that ease of attainment possible with our powerful search engine, site-exclusive pricing engine that lets you calculate exactly how much you’ll be spending even with multiple product quantities, integrated Wording Wizard so you can stay within the site for the information you need on how to word your wedding invitations, and the personalized My Own Gatsby function that lets you save and share your selections with family and friends. It’s like having a variety of stationers right in your living room! You don’t even have to get in the car.

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