Maternity Photos – Week by Week

My dear friend, Mary, was thrilled when she found out that her second baby was going to be a sweet, little bundle of baby boy joy! Naturally, she wanted to capture every moment of her pregnancy. Lucky for her, she happens to be good friends with photographer Denecia Lagundo. Denecia, who has been capturing adorable images of Mary’s first child, Addison, for several years was more than happy to oblige.

Week by week, Denecia documented Mary’s growing bump- now frozen forever in time thanks to these pictures! Not only did Denecia photograph Mary; she also managed to capture the sweetest, most loving relationship between a momma and her daughter.

Week by Week Maternity Photos

One of Denecia’s goals is to “show the essence of all the personalities” in each photograph. One look at these precious images and you’ll know- mission accomplished!  They are fun, lively and a tad sassy- just like Mary and Addison! And, finally, once baby Ethan arrived, Denecia was there … with camera in hand!

Want to recreate this idea? Simply enlist the help of a photographer, a friend or your hubby and take weekly pictures throughout your pregnancy! Check out my Pinterest board for other fun maternity photo ideas.

Once baby arrives, TGK offers the most darling line of birth announcements! Mary chose our Blessings card to proudly announce Ethan’s debut into the world.

Images: All images are by Denecia Lagundo Photography. The number on each photo represents the number of weeks Mary is in her pregnancy.

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7 thoughts on “Maternity Photos – Week by Week

  1. Kristi

    LOVE it!! I am so glad we did the same thing with Bailey-well just the hubby doing them! It is so neat to look back and compare months or even compare pregnancy’s! Mary is one super cute preggo! :)

  2. Mary

    Beautiful writing, Lori! I am truly blessed to be surrounded by such talented friends. The pictures Denecia captured are dear to me. At the end of each session, she provided me with an entire CD of the moments she captured with Addie, my growing baby boy, and me. We made a monthly “date” of it too, which made it fun and gave Addie and I an outing to look forward to. After each quick (very quick) session, we would grab a smoothie, stop at the chocolate shop, or window shop in historic Ellicott City where all the pictures were taken. We spent more time hanging out than taking the pictures! SO happy we made the time to do it.

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