Making the Most of Your Wedding Invitations

When you want to set an event apart as something special, there’s no quicker way than with a formal invitation. In this electronic age, nothing sparks a tingle of anticipation quite like receiving an actual handcrafted card, inscribed with beautiful calligraphy.

The pinnacle of this kind of anticipation is of course, the wedding invitation. Opening a beautiful wedding invitation, feeling the creamy luster of the paper and tracing your finger over words like “joyous occasion” and “reception to follow” just gets your mind racing over what to wear, what date to bring, and where your silver shoes are.

To maximize the effect of your invite, include as many specifics as possible. Including the menu, a map and some venue highlights are all great ways to get guests excited. Sure, news of a friend’s happiness is exciting enough, but topping it off with images of creme brulee and crystal chandeliers ensures an RSVP coming your way!

Also, nothing brings out the beauty of a wedding invitation quite like a picture of the couple. If you are high school sweethearts, including a prom picture in your wedding photo is a precious touch sure to get your guests in a sentimental mindset. Met on a beach vacay? How about a picture of the two of you taken with an underwater camera? Including your baby pictures is also a cute idea. However you choose to do it, including a picture in your wedding invitation is another great way to get guests in the right frame of mind for the big day!

Last but not least, including RSVP cards and pre-stamped envelopes is the most surefire way to make sure guests respond in a timely fashion. Pick out a coordinated reception card to include with your wedding invite, print out a glossy menu preview, stick in a picture, and you’ve got a wedding invitation sure to wow! Now you might just have to hire a bouncer to watch for wedding crashers.

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