Make your wedding invitations blossom!

What do you need to make your wedding invitation that much sweeter? The answer could be as simple as a pretty pressed flower on the front of your invitation!

Pressed flowers are the latest trend for wedding invitations, combining the traditional beauty of flowers with the special organic touch of a genuine blossom, right there on your wedding invitation. There are dozens of different flowers to choose from, letting you match the flowers to your wedding’s color theme, the season, or even your mood!

Bring a sense of freshness to your wedding invitations by including a sweet pressed daisy. Available in a variety of colors from delicate pastels to dark blues, daisies are perfect for a spring wedding. With their air of persistent playfulness, daisies are a great reminder of the changing of seasons, and the beauty that goes along with it!

Having a fall wedding? Let your invitations reflect that with deep red hydrangeas or pretty orange Queen Anne’s lace! Winter weddings are perfect for delicate white zinnias or snowy Bridal’s Wreath flowers, and summer is ideal for any color you can think of. Try sunny yellow Black-Eyed Susans or light blue delphiniums on your wedding invitations!

Are you the type to want to stand out in a crowd? Go for an exotic floral like blue borage flowers, which flatten out to a pretty star, or spiky Japanese maple leaves. Get creative with bird-like pressed dianthus flowers or fuchsias. With a little imagination, your wedding invitations can be as unique and interesting as you are!

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