Leave a Lasting Impression

An easy and stylish way to ‘leave your mark’ on every aspect of your wedding is to do so literally! Monograms are a simple, beautiful way to personalize everything from wedding invitations to thank you notes to coasters and napkins! Design your monogram early on, and you’ll be free to incorporate your totally unique “logo” into every aspect of your wedding festivities. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Play with your options. Do you like the way your first initial looks with your fiances? If not, consider using your last initials, just his last initial (if you’re taking his name), or even skipping initials and incorporating your entire names into the logo.

2. Pick a font. You’ll want to choose a typestyle that reflects the mood of your event and that is appealing to your own style. Bickley script and Allegro are popular picks, especially for formal events. Garamond is a traditional, can’t-miss font. Courier is quickly becoming the “new classic” for modern and casual affairs.

3. Inscribe, imprint, and stamp away! Here are just a few places you might want to leave your monogram mark:


Try a jacket folio – a creative way to package your invitation. Available in a wide variety of colors, the enclosure card slides into the pocket, and the circular window allows a pop of color contrast to shine through…the perfect place to showcase that luxe new wedding logo. Available in a 5 x 7 rectangle shape (no longer available) or a 6×6 square shape (no longer available).

Envelope Seal

A very elegant, totally posh touch is to stamp your invitation envelopes with a custom monogram. Take the easy, less expensive route and invest in peel-n-stick seals, available in 3 letter or 2 letter monogram options. No serous sealing supplies necessary!

Napkins and Coasters

Available in a rainbow of ink colors and customization options, cocktail napkins (no longer available) are both practical and pretty! Any leftovers make a lovely (and nostalgic) addition to your entertaining collection. Coasters (no longer available) are fun and functional in a variety of options.

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